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How to apply northern european lifestyle in interior design

Each interior design style shows its lifestyle, personality. Explore these Styles that BOHO think you need to know to create your perfect space.

Hygge: happiness in the little things

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Hygge is the feeling of cozy contentment and well-being from the simple things in life. This term originates from one of the happiest countries in the world – Denmark. With HYGGE, happiness is not something too far away, it could be found in the small things around us. Let’s create “Hygge stations” which will bring you the most plesant feeling. These “Hygge stations” could simply be the kitchen table, or just your soft and warm sofa… “Nature” is a must-have element : tree branches, flowers, leaves, …when combine with other natural will present a sense of coziness, familiarity, comfortable being. Besides, white – blue pottery and porcelain decorations are also be added to further elevate the sense of Hygge in interior decoration.

Lagom: enough is enough

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Besides Hygge, the “ Lagom” lifestyle from Sweeden is also very popular. With Lagom, balance is the key element – focusing on simplicity and necessity. You should invest in basic furniture such as sofa, bed, chair … with simple design but good quality and don’t forget to consider the interior shape to match the function of the room. Simplyfying colors and moderating details by using a neutral palette. To add some personal touches and characters, you can also break this rule and add in some personalized imprints, this will create a focal point in your space design.

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