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BOHODÉCOR. 19-04-2020

Trending interior design: Wabi-sabi vs Vintage

Nowadays, there are many interior design styles in the world. Let’s explore and learn to gain more knowledge about interior design trends that are always liked by designers.

Wabi-sabi: finding beauty in imperfection

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Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese philosophy, that involves grounding oneself by forming a deep connection to the earth. This interior design trend relies on the use of natural materials where the functional items are the focal point. The typical color palette of Wabi-Sabi is drawn from clay loam color, grays – browns, or rusts, … that bringing the feeling of calm and peace. The gaps are also very important, because when you are combined with light you can bring new vitality to your house.

Vintage: nostalgic space

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Vintage is a combination of classic elements with modern style to bring gentle, idyllic beauty and imprint of time into space. Vintage color is the pale color of all existing colors with white as the main color. Besides, the colorful carpet of the floor coverings as well as the elegant and ancient of the wooden floor helps create the perfect vintage.

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