22 January 2024

On January 17, 2024, the leadership team, advisors, and all managerial staff of BOHO gathered at the Newtecons building to collectively reflect on the achievements and challenges of 2023, aiming to set new goals for 2024.

In 2023, the impact of economic fluctuations affected various industries, including the construction sector, which experienced a decline in revenue and profits. Nevertheless, amidst these challenging times, BOHO Décor continued to strive for remarkable advancements, resulting in impressive revenue.

BOHO’s Mark on Prestigious Projects

Throughout the year, BOHO consistently maintained and improved the quality of design and construction projects. These efforts were evident in notable projects such as Masan Tower, Techcombank Office in Hanoi and Saigon, Ocean Park Coffee Lounge…

Not only did BOHO meet customer deadlines, but the team also demonstrated our capabilities through impeccable execution in every construction project. Moreover, our design prowess received recognition through awards such as VMARK 2023 and ASHUI Awards.

BOHO’s Agile Transformations

BOHO Décor proudly introduced the retail furniture brand NOTAG, conquering a challenging market with uniqueness and quality. Furthermore, expanding design and construction services for private residences under the brand EXPerience by BOHO opened up new opportunities and broadened the customer base.

Another significant achievement was in exports, with BOHO Décor securing large orders from promising markets like the United States and Japan. Special collaborations with major clients such as Marriot showcased BOHO’s credibility and quality internationally.

BOHO 2024: Beyond Boundaries

Looking to the future, BOHO has set clear goals for 2024. A top priority is to maintain and enhance the quality of design and construction, ensuring that BOHO remains synonymous with quality and innovation. BOHO is also committed to strengthening new brands and expanding the scale of exports.

With years of experience, BOHO will continue to reach out to the world with exceptional export orders, creating new opportunities and expanding its global presence.