28 May 2024

Continuing the success of the Summer Internship 2023, the 2024 program has returned with a strong appeal to talented young individuals from the Faculty of Interior Design – Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture (HCMUA).

Aiming to provide students with a clearer understanding of the interior design industry in general and the company’s scope in particular, BOHO Décor has facilitated opportunities for students to visit and experience our workspaces. On May 14, 2024, the rookies also participated in in-depth meetings with experienced professionals in our Design Department. During the Summer Internship 2024 program, BOHO is committed to offering valuable and practical experiences to students in the early stages of their careers.

After nearly two weeks – on May 27, 2024, BOHO warmly welcomed enthusiastic newcomers, embarking on an exciting and rewarding career path. The three-month program at BOHO promises to provide practical experiences and inspiration for the future generation of designers.

Moreover, BOHO places a strong emphasis on developing a dynamic future workforce through this internship program. We welcome innovative ideas and are eager to hear the design stories of these promising young designers. This approach underscores our commitment to creating an environment that honors one’s limitless potential.