09 March 2024

HawaExpo 2024 – The most anticipated Export Furniture and Interior Exhibition for connoisseurs has officially kicked off. Returning to this event, BOHO showcases our design and manufacturing capabilities through a uniquely distinct and innovative exhibition space.

Participating in this year’s exhibition, BOHO will transport you to a serene space through our new collection of modern and versatile furniture. Inspired by the lines and colors of nature, BOHO hopes to convey positive emotions to you through the observation and experience of our products. Neutral tones interwoven with vibrant hues create an intriguing visual feast for all visiting guests.

BOHO’s exhibition space left a mark at this year’s fair by winning the “Best Booth Awards”

With the spirit of “Beyond Boundaries” in 2024, BOHO steps out of our comfort zone this year with a larger and more intricate collection than ever. All products are a harmonious composition of diverse materials and functions, creating a perfect symphony.

This year’s collection marks a greater breakthrough compared to 2023, featuring over 20 products with diverse designs and integrated functionalities. The products showcase intricate details to leverage the manufacturing capabilities of the BOHO’s factory, particularly in items such as cabinets, carpentry, and upholstered furniture. Alongside this, there is a challenge in combining materials such as iron, glass, lacquer, and innovative accessories, aligning perfectly with BOHO’s theme for this year – Beyond Boundaries.

Miss. Nguyen Long Chau – Senior Interior designer at BOHO

“We realize that each type of material brings a different story, a distinct feeling. However, if we cleverly blend these materials, we can create a unique and even more diverse overall composition.”

Mr. Dinh Long Tung, Interior Designer at BOHO

Alongside the breakthroughs in design, this year’s products integrate numerous features suitable for the multitasking and flexible lifestyle of modern individuals. Going beyond convenient modular designs in assembly and coordination, our products are seamlessly incorporated with smart accessories and concealed storage, providing flexibility in size and convenience in usage.

On the production aspect, this year’s collection posed a significant challenge. To bring these products to life, we relied on our factory’s most skilled team – individuals with many years of experience in manufacturing furniture for various large-scale projects.

Shared by Mr. Dinh Van Chuong “To meet the demand for large and intricate furniture pieces, we had to allocate a dedicated production line for this collection. For the craftsmen involved, we carefully selected team members not only skilled in craftsmanship but also with a deep understanding of the design behind each furniture piece.”

The HawaExpo project this year is a great opportunity for our team to test new techniques and materials, continuously updating and elevating BOHO’s quality standards.

The BOHO factory boasts not only state-of-the-art equipment but also a passionate workforce with years of experience. Therefore, we take pride in being a pioneering unit in the quality production of furniture, delivering perfect and consistent finishes for every project, both domestic and international.

BOHO Décor’s factory in Long An province

With a solid advantage in manufacturing capacity from the factory and a professional design team, each BOHO product is not only a unique creative solution but also especially refined to meet individual needs.

Through the HawaExpo 2024 exhibition, we hope to introduce BOHO’s manufacturing and design capabilities to customers through these unique products that prioritize user experience for clients both domestically and internationally.