13 October 2023

BOHO Décor is delighted to win the Golden Prize in the “Best Office Space Design” category – at the VMARK Vietnam Design Award 2023 with the Prudential Vietnam Headquarters project. This award is a testament to our commitment to innovation and creativity in the field of interior design.

VMARK is a creative playground for Vietnamese interior designers. This year, VMARK received more than 700 submissions, with the participation of international juries from Singapore, Japan, Korea, Italy, etc., and the participation of many well-known interior brands such as Kaze Interior Design Studio, Vertical Studio, Niwa Architects, GEMA Architecture & Interior Design, Van Aelst I Nguyen and Partners, etc.

From ideation to the 3D model, we pushed boundaries to design a utility space that best reflects our client’s value of “Listening. Understanding. Delivering” and creating a true PRUWorkplayce office. We are committed to continuously raising standards, developing and creating convenient, modern spaces to inspire customers’ creative ideas.

This was a rushed project, the team only had 2 weeks for ideation and developing 3D design drawings, refining the design story, and preparing the presentation deck. However, we always try not to sacrifice the quality of our design, focusing on sketching out the customer’s space in detail. This is truly a memorable experience and we are proud to exceed our limit and create a project that leaves our mark at the prestigious award.

Nguyen Long Chau – Senior Interior Designer at BOHO
BOHO Décor representatives at the VMARK award 2023

Let’s dive into this special project.

Built during a period of core value transfer, Prudential wants a new working environment that is flexible, youthful, modern, and imbued with the brand’s WE DO spirit. In addition, customers also requested a space that reaches the WELL Building standard, hybrid, and open to encouraging connections between Prudential people.

Combining customer requests and the designer’s creative vision, the concept “Vietnam Society – All walks of life” was formed. Inspired by the 3 pillars that created Vietnamese society, we integrate images of Vietnamese people from all social strata and occupations into Prudential’s space.

The pieces paint the portrait of Prudential’s customers: “Agriculture & Aquaculture – Industrial Zones – City Dwellers

Each floor of the building is an embodiment of a social fabric, all connected by a red stair – symbolizing the red ribbon of the Prudential. From there, tell the story of the multi-layered and comprehensive connection of the people at Prudential.

The characteristic elements of the 3 social pillars are cleverly integrated through color coordination, interior design, materials, and purposeful arrangement. It carries different emotions throughout each space, while still maintaining the consistent look of the building.

Every detail in the design intentionally delivers convenience, flexibility, and connectivity. We removed the walls and replaced them with transparent glass, creating circular open spaces and modular furniture to create multi-functional areas.

Elegant colors are adorned with colorful arrays, making the office youthful, stimulating creativity and regenerating energy.

Have a better view of our project here

This achievement is the result of effort and dedication from BOHO Décor’s experienced and professional team. Congratulations to our talented individuals for getting the recognition that you all deserve. And, many thanks to our people for representing us to leave a mark in the VMARK Vietnam Design Award 2023!